ICT Centre

Information and Communication Technology Centre

Network Operating Center

This is the backbone of NUR ICT Network where diverse configurations and Network monitoring are done. The activity is facilitated by servers (the number is …..) interconnected to the main switch. The services are grouped in different activities :
Monitoring System :

To monitor the NUR Network status on a regular basis, ICT CENTER uses some appropriated tools such as Nagios3 which provide the current status of the Network (tactical overview, hosts and host groups, service groups and problem’s tracing) ; Reports on availability, trends, alerts, notifications and Event logs while providing informations about the whole system by giving comments, showing downtimes, process and performance info ; scheduling queues and configuration in general.

Service provision

The provision of Network Services is facilitated by appropriated equipments organized in different VLANs to facilitate the management and monitories.

These are for example routers (INZOVU & ISAKE) for Firewall VLAN Routers ; Routers for offsite campus VPNS(MTN-VPN-routers) : Hendrix, Lopez, Madonna, Martin, Mccartney and Moby.

Within the Network organization, some gateway (VLAN gateway) have been put in place to allow departmental or units’ network provision such as gw-computerscience ; gw-finance-gw- ; law, gw-mscict ; gw-neork-mgmt ; gw-noc ; gw-nurcc ; gw-oob.

For covering more network area and allow the NUR community gain more advantages of the Internet, a WIRELESS Network has been put in place and is accessible because of different Access Points spread all over the Main Campus, its surroundings and far away the town (Ex-Rectorat and surroundings).

Those hosts are namely : admin-ap ; agri-ap ; app1-stat-ap ; blind-ap ; cambodge-ap ; dpd-ap ; eplm-ap ; ex-rectorate-ap ; kist-ap ; library-ap ; main building-ap ; mamba-ap ; medicine-ap ; rectorhouse-ap ; sph-ap.