ICT Centre

Information and Communication Technology Centre


The objective of the ICT unit is to enhance learning, teaching and research, ease University operations and improve education quality in general, with regard to ICT in Education at the University. ICT has been incorporated in multiple activities and systems in the University, forming the backbone of many educational practices and services provided by the University today. A diverse set of technological tools and resources is used to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information. These technologies include computers, the Internet, software, various devices and systems, including the Moodle learning platform.

The following points highlight the way ICT is being incorporated in academics and research at the University of Rwanda:

ICT has enhanced teaching and learning through e-learning, learning management systems; Moodle platform and student owning their devices,
ICT infrastructure such as Internet and network connectivity and services such as email, websites, EBMIS. This is to avail conducive environment for both students and staff for ICT access.
Increased internet bandwidth and speed are enabling researchers to communicate easily with external partners to share information as well as to easily access data
ICT is enabling efficient access of library services and e-resources

IT support services are structured in such a way that the services are coordinated from a Central base through Campus Centers. This structure ensures that centralized services are harmonized and integrated across University Campuses and support to the users is provided at campus levels.

All ICT activities and planning are overlooked by the ICT steering committee composed of all DVCs, Principals, students’ representatives, academic staff representatives and directors.