ICT Centre

Information and Communication Technology Centre


The ICT Center promotes research and teaching by maintaining and managing the entire University Campus Area Network, the centralized Database systems and the computer and electrical equipment for the faculty, staff, and students of the UR_Huye Campus, as well as advance disciplinary diversity, partnerships, and excellence.

ICTC’s Major Initial Goals are to :

1. Develop partnerships among higher education institutions to increase and improve the region’s ICT education capacity.

2. Deepen and expand collaboration with industry to create an ICT workforce that fully meets the region’s economic needs.

3. Identify, implement and disseminate ICT education best practices in the region, working towards a standardization of ICT competencies, skills and education approaches.

4. Develop fully articulated ICT education pathways and work to implement them throughout the region.

5. Expand, diversify and improve the region’s ICT workforce.

6. Enhance linkages to global ICT educators and employers